Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ginger Amla(Indian gooseberry) Drink

1 inch long Ginger root,
2 no. of Amla( Indian gooseberry ).
2 tsp Honey.

Wash and peel Ginger , and cut it into small pieces. Cut Amla and crush this together with ginger pieces in a grinder. make smooth pulp of it, and add half glass water to it. Strain into Glass using strainer. Add 2 tsp honey to it, and add some crush black pepper to it, a healthy drink is ready to make yourself feel rejuvenating this winter. It is easy to make and much beneficial to health . Drink it fresh only. do not store it after making it. as it is easy to make one can make anytime within 2 minutes. Also tastes too good with taste of Amla and Flavour of Ginger init. :)

This is a traditional drink which many people in Gujarat drink, specially in Winter to keep ealth upto date all the year through. It is said that it helps in keeping cold away , and good for tose who have respiratory system Problems. In Saurashtra region of Gujarat I have seen this kind of drinks sold by people, standing on roadline in the early morning like 6a.m. or so, and most of the peole enjoy it while having morning walk. What a lovely way to keep one's self happy.

There are many many benefits related to Amla and Ginger, specially when taken in its fresh form in the winter . Amla is a rich source of vitamin C, and a good tonic for hair too - Remember the famous advertisement wiht tag - "Dabur amla kesh tel !" :)) . For Indian Gooseberray - Amla Benefits Check out Here.

Ginger ,as we all know is very helpful in cold and cough , along with that it also help in respiratory disorders and do you know, It is an excellent Painkiller ! yes, its true, check out its more information Here.

So now waiting for what ? Still winter is in its full form, get just these 3 ingredients and do a favour to yourself.

Now this goes Straight to Rosie, who is host this month for JFI -Ginger. Thank you Rosie, for choosing Ginger as the Theme for this month , you reminded me of this healthy drink :) .


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Republic Day!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Inspired from Idea of Asha to have another blog to post recipes here to participate with lovely blog events going around.
I thought to try it this way , lets see how I could manage to have another blog to participate with differetn events around here n food blog world .
till then stay tuned to my oringinal blog - Creative Pooja. Read more...