Friday, May 23, 2008

Mingling with Mango

What to make with Mango for breakfast ? :( , this question puzzled me since the day I heard WBB this month is having Mango theme.
I don't like sweet items in break fast. What else we make with mangoes? Mangoes are always sweet , unless I choose it raw.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Refreshing Raspberry Cooler

Weather being extremely unpredictable here.... one day we have extreme hot noon with temperature above 80 all the day, the other day its raining all over the day with 48-55 F temp all day around. Even what i see on weather channels is turning out to be incorrect :( . And I keep on switching on from chilling juices to piping hot soups...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A.W.E.D. - Mexican cutlets

I posted this Mexican cutlets long back when I had Tomatoes as "Vegetable of the Week ". When Dhivya announced A.W.E.D- Mexican , I was puzzled with what should i cook, as I am not much into Mexican cooking yet. Later I thought to make some dip or salsa to be a part of her event , and then it reminded me of this already posted Mexican cutlets. I really don't have any good option than this to cook Mexican. As sweet Dhivya allowed to get already posted recipes , here is something for you Dhivya. .

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MBP-One pot wonders & click entry

Ever since I saw it on Trupti's blog I liked that idea very much , I made it once and now just like Aloo-Poha this another tasty version is a regular dish in my meals. I love it for its tastes and lovely yellow color :) . When I come to know about MBP theme of this month I knew what I am going to send to Pavani :) .

Here is the original recipe of Trupti's Corn Poha.

I just skipped peanuts in it this time to make a little lighter version of it. . I had this with a glass full of fresh buttermilk :) .Finally I started enjoying spring :D.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Entry for RCI-Bengal And VoW Bitter Gourd.

This blogging things are really funny sometimes . Not funny as we cook and publish something , the funny things happens even before we start cooking . With lovely blog events going on around & searching appropriate recipe to be a part of that is little amusing for me lately :D .
I tried searching for some Bengali recipe until I get very convincing recipe that made me feel sure that it’s a sure shot Bengali not any modified version when I check the header part of that post I found that it is of Sandeepa herself ( For whose event I was searching for that recipe :D ) :O.

And recently when I tried to see if something very different than usual I can find to cook with bitter gourd the results I got was even more funny than previous case. As what I see those were the posts of food bloggers participating in VoW-bittergourd . I literally had fun seeing this and I laughed out loud alone in home , and that was another height of fun for me and afterwards feeling that I was laughing alone in the home that time it sounded even more funny to me….…
Well , that day I did really a nice favor to Google by browsing for almost 1 hour more with different search keywords to just see who is listed where :O .
Someday if you are getting bored looking at just the programming screen with green and orange colors of errors and keywords of programming language , try it to entertain yourself . Fun guaranteed 100 % , ha ha ha.


Monday, April 07, 2008

Ghaaroda - A Pancake for Dosa Mela.

A very good morning to all of you :) Here I am with this lovely breakfast dish for you all :) . Drop in to enjoy it.
Here is one of the best dish I can make(this is so easy that anyone can make it ;) ) and a big hit in my house :~. Also whenever I shared the idea of this pancake to others, they always liked it . You know why ? Coz it is the best way to use left over rice. Take some cooked rice and Besan(chick peas flour) and some other Ingredients and thats it. It is easy to make and delicious in taste. try it for yourself ... We call it "Ghaaroda " .


Friday, April 04, 2008

Garlic Pickle

Back in India We once purchased Garlic pickle ,as both of us like Garlic too much . But some how the taste of that that ready made pickle was such that it made me dislike Garlic for a while :( , at least when ever I saw that jar it didn't tempted me to try it again :v . When I come to hear about JFI-Garlic, immediately I thought to make this :D .
I googled for its recipe :f , but somehow I found none of them up to my liking . As I had pickle masala on hand I thought to make my own version of pickle with garlic . I added the fragrant ingredients of my liking and it turned out the best Pickle I ever had. Here is my recipe of Garlic pickle.