Thursday, April 26, 2007

Keerai as Side Dish- RCI & JFI-WBB -Leafy vegetables

Keerai is Spinach called in Tamil ( I have googled it out.. :D, I hope I am not wrong :)) . )
When Lakshmi announced Tamil cuisine theme for this month of RCI, it was a real confusion for me, as normally I get messed up a lot with all the south Indian region recipes , so I took up it as a small challenge and thought to make something for this event. Also how can I forget JFI ? so suitable to both, I am presenting here a Tamil cuisine , made up with Leafy vegetable. :)
Ingredients :
Fresh Spinach -1 bunch,
2-3 greenchillies,
Shredded coconut-1 tsp, (i used dried one)
cumin seeds -1/2 tsp,
3 dry red chillies,
1 tsp urad dhal( I used my all favorite Moong dal instead of this) ,
1/2 tsp ghee,
1 tsp rice flour,
1 tsp curd
1/2 tsp sugar,
salt to taste.
Cut spinach into small pieces. Cook it in an open vessel with salt and a tablespoon of water. After the spinach gets cooked completely, add the cumin seeds(raw). Grind together green chillies and coconut. Add this to the mixture. Saute urad dhal and red pepper in ghee and garnish the spinach with it. Dissolve a spoon of rice flour in a spoon of water and mix well. This will give it the required thickness. Add a spoon of curds and sugar to the gravy.
I had this with chapati. Though I am very much sure that this is being eaten different way in real tamil style, I am sure many of my tamil buddies around here will have real idea of it.share it with me , so that I can know more about it. Also can anyone around there tell me the name ofthis dish, the source from where I got this recipe said this as a side dish, so I left with no option but to post it with that name only :P .

This recipe I googled out( but forgot the real source URL... :( ) , so that I can participate in RCI , started by Lakshmi.: ) . Thank you Lakshmi it’s a great experience making this. And I love it , as it contains no oil in it. Just loving the Zero oil recipes. That’s why this become my special choice for this event. Not only this, this Keerai goes straight to Indira of Mahanandi for JFI-WBB -Greens . Thank you Indira for choosing the Green leafy vegetable theme , this kinda veggies been my favorite all the time :D .
and hey, Don't miss to check out the real beauty of India on my regular blog - CreativePooja , also if you are intrested in cooking and liked dishes around here then go visit here, this blog is just like a trailer... movies is on other side :D

Stay tuned and Have fun :) .


Asha said...

Great recipe.Keerai is Tamil recipe,so don't worry!:))
I got confused too betn with Kerala and Tamil dishes!:D

Pooja said...

Oh Asha,
you really make me feel tension free. i was bit worried about if i find the right tamil recipe or not. and your comment is not only encouragement but a stamp of approval too :)
thanks dear.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hay it is a nice recipe... great entry for JFI...

Sharmi said...

dear Pooja, good entry and lovely recipe. really nice!

Roopa said...

Good to see you here! nice recipe i love this dish nice entry!

Pooja said...

thanks for your compliments :) . thanks for dropping by here. have u visited , many more recipes there :)
nice to see you here dear :). thogh i was enjoying the break from cooking , thougth to do not miss participating in events. :)
its really fun to be part of such events.
when i was blogging regularly , actually i was busy wit hmy own event - vegetable of the week too , so decided to start this blog for participating in another events . :) , sometime again i will be active wit hmy event . so stay tuned with main blog too :) . i am happy to see you here too . ! thanks for your nice words. :)

trupti said...

mast recipe che, Pooja......and so perfect for both events...Urad daal no swad saras avto hasey nahi??


fieryblaster said...

we prepare it the same way at our place but for curd and sugar. No special name for it. We simply call it as keerai. as u have done palak, we can say palak keerai. and the traditional way of eating it is with vatral kuzhambu or mixed with rice. nicely done keerai with ghee and plain rice is soothing food for lot of tamilians.

Pooja said...

mane to bahu gami hati, banavi tyare. mane khbar ja nhi ke koi tel vagar pan shaak bane that too witout microwave. so i liked it very much initially, then the taste was also good. me mag ni dal use kari chhe, e pan sari lagti hati. enjoyed making a diferent dish than usual.
welcome to my blog, i really love the info you shared here with me. actualy i wanted to know more about it ,as i am not from that region basically.
should i call this dish palak keerai ?
will try it sometime with rice , thanks for sharing info.
stay tuned.

krystyna said...

Hi Pooja,
thanks for this recipe. My Kevin must eat much spinach, so this recipe is good for him, but with little modefication- without chillies.
Kevin feels better, but it is long therapy- about 3 years.
This is his blog, without comments, only photos:

Thanks Pooja!

Anonymous said...

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Shella said...

This looks awesome, I would surely love to try this sometime.