Friday, February 29, 2008

Triangular Garlic Paratha and spicy suki bhaji .

When I come to know about event for "flat breads" hosted by Chili und Cibabatta , I was sure that i will participate with My triangular Paratha, here just to make it even more tasty I have added Garlic flavor to it. Just a tablespoon of Garlic and whole taste gets wonderful flavor of it. Although if you don't like garlic you can make it simple way without adding garlic to it.

Garlic Paratha( Indian Flat bread):


1 cup whole wheat flour ,
salt to taste,
2-3 tsp oil,
1 tsp garlic paste,

Mix all the ingredients and Knead smooth dough like we make for roti/chapati.
It should be soft enough to make paratha fluffy and soft . While making dough first ass oil and then add some amount of warm water sufficient to make dough soft enough.
Make lemon size balls of it, use dry flour if it is sticking while rolling out, then roll out a little circle of it, spread little oil on half of it and fold it , the n again spread a little bit (just about a single drop or two ) and then fold it again, like it is shown in the pics above.
Next to make a perfect triangle of it just give it a little straight shape from open side of folded triangle ( as shown in first pic below ).

Starting from center to each corner roll out maintaining the same thickness for the whole paratha. one hot iron skillet or tava place this rolled paratha , half cook on one side and then turn it to other side , spread little oil on half cooked side and then turn it again and spread little oil on other side too , cook on medium flam till golden brown on each side . serve hot . It tastes best when accompanied with chutney , spicy curry and Dal.
It is a Regular part of our dinner and it goes well with any of other Indian gravy (check out more of it's recipes on my regular blog here ) .
This garlic flavored Indian flat bread goes to Chili and ciabatta for flat breads this month.
Being an Indian I have many options to participate with , I choose my all time favorite this one to share because of the softness and yet crispiness it has with lovely color of it.
Also check out Cumin Flat bread , which has got a great fan of it through blogging :) .

Here is One Spicy Potato curry which goes very well with it .
Call it Spicy dry curry of Potato , aloo bhaji or Bateka ni suki bhaji . It tastes so nice all the time , in earlier days I used to make it for travel purpose mainly , which is normally a little less spicy version of it. this is my little spicier version of it which I make normally while carving for some tangy food . It is such a quick dish , that it hardly takes 3-4 minutes one potatoes are boiled .
While running out of time , I choose mashed potato option of microwave and get it done in even less time .

3-4 meduim sized potatoes bolied and roughly mashed ,
2-3 green chilies chopped finely,
a pinch of ginger paste ,
few curry leaves,
1 small tomato chopped finely,
1/4 tsp turmeric powder,
2-3 tsp oil.
1 tsp lemon juice and 1.2 tsp sugar (optional)

Heat oil in deep kadai or pan and while little hot add chopped chilies and curry leaves along with ginger paste to it. Add turmeric powder and immediately add roughly mashed boiled potato to it. sprinkle salt , sugar and lemon juice (optional) over it and mix it well ,cook for a minute turn of the heat. Garnish with fresh and chopped coriander leaves.
This makes a good dish for fasting days too . I just add 2 tsp of curd to it and ahhhhhhhhhh.... , for me its the best ever dish to enjoy :)) .

Now this, my all time favorite, "Bateka ni spicy suki bhaji" goes to Sia and Dk for their events An ode to Potato and Potato Fe(a)st.
Both the dish above also goes to EC for her Travel Food festival , this is the real combo we choose to take along while traveling with no worry to spoil anything with another curry with liquid gravies.. Thank you lovely ladies for hosting the events I enjoyed making me favorite food and participating with it :) .


Richa said...

love those triangular parathas, yummmm :) paratha & alu bhaji, perfect combo :)

Shilpa said...

Beautiful parathas pooja. I never get the perfect triangle shape no matter what I try. I will try it with garlic next time, looks cool

Lavanya Raj said...

Beutifull parathas pooja..iam certaily going to try this triangular shape.

Thanks for your sweet comment over my Click.

Asha said...

Great entry lil sis!!! I sent Lavash for her. I love the garlic addition. Rice looks yummy too. If you had made it in the MW ,you could have sent it to Sri too!:)
Enjoy the weekend.

Petra said...

Your paratha looks really beautiful! Thank you for joining bbd #7!

Mansi Desai said...

I always find it easier to make triangle parathas than round one:) they look great Pooja!

KayKat said...

Creative parathas from the creative Pooja - Yum! :)

Meera said...

Looks beautiful. I loved the way you have arranged parathas to make a star. Thanks for sharing!

Pooja said...

Thank you , in our Gujarati home this is just a regular substitute of Bhakhari for evening meals , Isn't it ?

It is really easier to keep that shape . Believe me , coz i know how to make it far earlier than i leaned how to make a round chapati.
Just when your roll our after folding it choose each end one by one and roll from middle to corner, it will maintain that shape. I hope this will help you .

Thank you buddy :) . If you are trying this do let me know how you like it .

Thank you Didi. I really loved calling you didi , but don't know if you like me calling you didi or not.
Just wanted to make something different that normal paratha so added garlic pinch to it :D.
Rice? :~ ???
wanted to be a part of Sri's too , but couldn't manage as Indian store here is not near by so we visit there in weekends only.Will be in next time for her.

It was easy being a part of BBD#7 , this is a part of our regular meals. Thanks for choosing "Flat breads ".

Same Pinch !
I learned making this few years earlier than i started making a perfect round rotis :).
I always find it easier than round one. In fact I cant make the same paratha round anyday , I have seen some people making round paratha the same way , I tried once and that round was perfect with 3 corners :))

Kaykat ,
thats so lovely of you , I feel so good to read that statement , feels like a poem :) . Thanks , hugs to you .

Believe me or not , My mom always arrange parathas in that star pattern whenever she cooks this . Its not something new , but like a tradition for me :) . Thanks though.

DK said...

I was not aware of this blog of yours at all!Whoa! The no. of blogs are jus large but then what else can you do - with you cooking so much and posting wonderful delicacies you sure need one more! :) More the better heh? :)

This paratha luks beautiful. i can have parathas any day any time. Thanks for sending this for my event. :)

DK said...

I left 3 important words in the previous line ! Thanks for sending this "scrummy potato dish " for my event. :) Thought I typed it but then it disappeared :)

Pooja said...

I am glad to participate with this "scrummy potato dish " :) . You liked it right ? I just love that Dish .
The more the better ;) .

Thanks for appreciating my work.

Sagari said...

nice shape for parathas pooja

bee said...

garlic paratha sounds wonderful. i'll try it soon.

Ramki said...

Am blogging your paratha as a model recipe in the 1001 Paratha cookbook at

/Thanks for the recipe