Monday, March 10, 2008

Mingling of "yellow" and "one dish dinner " :) .

Let me think how to explain Khaman to someone , who has never seen and tested it.
Its a steam cooked pancake made using chickpeas flour .The final result of which is a very spongy cake , which we serve by cutting in dimond like pieces and then do a Tadka with Green chillies ,mustard seeds , curry leaves and asafoetida. Now if you dont know what the word "Tadka " means , then go through the recipe and I hope It will clear all your doubts :).
There is a nice traditional way to make this "Khaman" ( I will share it here sometime later, and then link this back to that too). Although the instant way to make it is highly recommended for novice cooks, also it make a great dish in hurry for experienced people too.
I use Gits Instant Khaman Pack to make it quickly for Zorra's event . Weekend was weird with blogger problems and my schedule too .Thanks to Zorra as she agreed to accept it if posted by today.

Ingredients :
1 pack of Gits Instant Khaman Mix.
2 tsp oil,
240 ml of water
little oil for greasing

For Tadka :
2 tsp oil,
3-4 green chillies cut into thin rings,
8-10 curry leaves (optional)
pinch of asafoetida powder
1 tsp mustard seeds ,
1 tsp sesame seeds(optional ) ,
1 tsp shredded fresh coconut (optional)

In a big bowl take 2 tsp oil, the instant khaman material and exactly 240 ml or 8 Oz. water .
Mix in all together well such as there are no lumps left in the mixture.
To make the Khaman more spongy take care to mix these all with minimum possible stirring. As this will left the bubble in the mixture which helps great to make it more spongy. Stirring too much will reduce the bubbles .
Pour this batter into a well greased backing trays. Steam cook it on high flame for 15 minutes.
I used pressure cooker and cooked it using 2 cooker pan. While using pressure cooker , remove whistle from it.
After 15 minutes low the flame and check it is cooked well to check this , insert a clean knife into it, if it comes out clear, nothing sticked to it , consider it cooked. Now take these pans out of cooker, let it cool for five minutes and cut them into diamond shapes.

Now for Tadka ,
Heat 2 tsp oil and , while hot add 1 tsp of mustard seeds and curry leaves to it , turn of the heat. add asafoetida powder mix well, If using sesame seeds and coconut then add those too and mix well together. Spread it evenly on the cut Khaman pieces and sever hot .Khaman meant to be eat as this only , still if you like try it with some chutney , it goes well that way too.
I was glad to see this final result of it , when my Khaman turned out to be more fluffy / spongy than it is shown in the picture of Gits package . This goes straight to Zorra for the celebration of Women's Day .
I bet Zorra , you can't get yellower than this :) . Thanks a lot for organizing event to celebrate womanhood , Its a great pleasure to be part of this event .

Not only this, A slight addition to this dish and a lovely dish is ready to enjoy.
Sev khamani is a famous dish originated from Surat city of Gujarat state in India.Now almost the same popular with all part of state and a very tasty dish to enjoy at any time of day. For me it goes well as light dinner dish or sometimes as a brunch .

To make Sev Khamani,
Take the Khaman, made crumbs of it and add fine Besan sev to it ,add a tsp of lime juice and garnish with coriander leaves and if you like add a little bit of spicy chutney and pomegranate seeds . While eating mix well all together.
A perfect combination of sweet , sour and spicy dish .

This favorite dish of mine now goes straight to Gorgeous Meeta for her One dish Dinner theme this month.
Thank you Meeta for hosting this, Its been pleasure to be a part of your event.


If you Haven't cooked anything with Brinjal /eggplant yet then still there is days left to submit it, cook it soon and submit it, and as you know you can submit something already posted too .

The last date to submit the entries for VoW - Brinjal is 15th March 2008.

For more details and rules click on the logo in the side bar. And have Happy time in your kitchen cooking eggplant :) .


Asha said...

It's one dish dinner (not Diner), a little typo up there. Great entry btw for both!:)
I have a pack of Gits Dhokla, it's been sitting there for a while.Got to try, your's looks great. Love the Sev too, that's new to me.
(I will be off blogging from March 20th until May. I will post my last dish before 18th at Aroma. If you are announcing the same veg we talked about, let me know before 15th (e mail).I will post it for you and then I will be off!)

Divya Vikram said...

This dish looks very delicious..I will have to try..

Cham said...

Dhokla looks yum & pretty pooja :)

Pooja said...

You saved me , it was jut outta my mind. but was a great typo mistkae too . sometimes a mis spelled leads to a bunch of fun :)) , I did it this time .
Yes, Next VOTW is what we talked about. I will be glad to receive it from you , will announce it on 16/17th along with round up . But do it only if you can easily manage to post.
Enjoy the vacation fully and this time enjoy a little bit on my behalf too, D been busy bee these days and I can not imagine myself planning such vacation , He gotta go mad on me otherwise :)) .
Thanks for pointing that typo and always being there , you are such dear buddy :), hugs to you.

Its too easy , thats why i like it , and tastes yummmm.... , try it, I just love it.

thank you cham . This weke going tbe busy with my brinjal/eggplant posts on creativepooja. Will post about your lovely award to owith that.
Stay tuned .

Happy cook said...

Looks delicious even thought i have never had them

Alpa said...

i love sev khamani! so much taste in just a tiny bite :)

Pooja said...

Happy cook,
If you really want to try it i think this instant mix would be great to make it . Tastes too yummy to miss.
try it , you will like it.

Same Pinch !!! Give this to me anytime , I can eat it all :)) .

trupti said...

sev khamani to bahuj saras lagey che! saathe dadam,chutney,tikhi tikhi sev aney garam chaa hoy to majaa avi jaay!


Pooja said...

Oh my my .... you are back Trupti !!!
I am sooooooooo glad to hear you after such a long time.
sachej , chutney ne tikhi sevuper thi dadam , mane roj atlu ape koi to pan chale :)) . Cha to hovi j joie.

I hope everything is fine with you . your blog is not accessible since a while, can you please make it accessible for me? I really likes many things from there, lastly i made corn poha looking from yours . now it says nor accessible :((, woooohooooooo.........

Meera said...

Dhokla & sev khamni looks wonderful, Pooja. Hope you got my email?

Srivalli said...

this is always my favorite...great...

sra said...

More than the dhokla, I like the tadka - always ask the shopkeeper to give me the leftovers as I get a lot of tadka along with that!

sowmya said...

sev khaman is superb..have never heard of it though i have stayed in saurashtra area of gujarat sometime.


hey thanks pooja, sorry for the delayed reply.. i thot its my another fren "pooja" n i replied to her instead :D
just read ur profile..i like ur recipes very much.. will check all ur blog after this.

Pooja said...

Its Khaman , not Dhokla . you must be knowing the difference between Khaman( made with Besan) and dhokla ( made with chanadal and rice flour) :D.
Yeap ,got the email thanks for replying so soon :) . You ended my nightmare ha ha ha .

Srivalli ,
same pinch to you too :)).

Sra ,
You smart girl :)) . true that tadka has the essence of this dish in it. :)

You lived in saurashtra and you don't know it ? looks strange to me. thought is is famous of surat but now available almost anywhere in Gujarat. May be you lived there many years ago when it was not so famous everywhere. Try it , it is easy to make too ;) .

Pooja said...

Anjali ,
You are banned for using word "sorry" here :D . don't get tensed :)),Just kidding .
Well , there is nothing to be sorry about . Check blog at your convenience :) .

MeetaK said...

it's a pleasure to have you over pooja! the sev look amazing!

Archy said...

Lovely two-in-one entry Pooja !!
U have really got and clicked the pic, that is how shown in Gits Packet :)!!

Pooja said...

Thanks you :) . We call it "Sev Khamani " not sev. Sev is something made up of Besan -a vermicelli like thin, which is used to decorate on it. So khaman when mixed with Sev is called "Sev Khamani".
No matter how much I miss deadlines to participate in MM , i always try my best o be there :D.

Thank you buddy :)
Someone please go and tell gits people that I am ready to sell this pic to them for little less price :)) .

Anonymous said...

Hi...can u give the recipe for the chutney in sev khamani?

Pooja said...

you may like to have this chutney with it.