Monday, February 19, 2007

Beet Treat

My Second entry to Maheswari for her AFAM-Strawberry .
Refreshing Drink ,Beet treat

1 small beet root , peeled , washed and cut in to cubes
3 carrot, peeled , washed and cut in to pieces
10-12 straberries , cut into half.
2 tsp lemon juice.

Using grinder make juice of the above ingredients adding 1 glass of water to it, and strain it using strainer. Serve with crushed ice , very good for the hot summer days, as summer is arriving her slowly, it is a nice drink for the afternoon time.
Used in small amount still beet root is dominating factor in the juice, that’s why I named it as “Beet treat” . tastes good and it is rich source of iron ,folic acid, vitamin C and calcium .
My second entry to Maheswari-for her AFAM-Strawberry .
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Asha said...

Looks delicious!:))

Hope I didn't miss what's for this week,veg I mean for your event!

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
thanks :) .
you are always around me, be it a new blog or any event , and i am proud to have you with me always. thanks dear.

Rajani said...

Hi Pooja
Nice colored drink with rich in vitamins. Thanks for sharing.

Pooja said...

Hi Rajani,
welcome to my blog world.
thanks for your nice words here, I also love the richness of this drink , and color too. tastes good too.
thanks for dropping by here, stay tuned :)

Rajani said...

Hi Pooja
Tried the recipe. It's different and healthy thank u. Please visit my blog to see the photo and cooments.

Pooja said...

thank you Rajani ,
i just posted a comment on your that post. its nice to hear this from you .
i just got back to blog after a long while.

krystyna said...

I like beet and Kevin drinks beet every day.
Thanks - wonderful!

sangeetaskitchen said...

looks great!!!!!!!i am surely goin try the combination....

pls do visit my blog ,,,,,thanx