Tuesday, February 13, 2007

With Love to Sahil& Siddharth - Coriander Stars

This has been my all time favorite snack item, which my mom made when I was a little child. Ever since I love this , I love this for its color and taste , it has every taste in it – sour, sweet and fragrance of coriander with crispiness. What else one want for a perfect snack. When Trupti announced her theme of Little chefs in Kitchen , I had this in my mind. Just to make it more attractive I give it Star shapes. So here is a dish full of coriander stars goes to Sahil and Siddharth with lots of love from Me.


1 ½ cup of wheat flour
¾ cup of rawa ,
1 bunch coriander leaves crushed ,
2-3 tsp Sesame seeds ,
3-4 tsp oil for dough ,
2 tsp lemon juice,
Sugar to taste,
Salt to taste,
Oil for deep frying .

Method :

Mix all the ingredients to make dough, and prepare the little hard(not as soft as we make for Roti or Paratha) by adding water to it.
Make 2 inch size balls of it, and roll out like roti with the thickness of 1/8 inch .
Make the shape using shaper you have.(or in a simple way by making small balls one can make small puri sized i.e. 2 inch diameter sized, round puri of it. ) make slits in it using sharp knife. ( this will help to make it more crispy , as without slits it will get puffed while frying. ) heat oil in a kadhai and deep fry these stars when oil is hot. Let it fry on low flame, and fry it until golden brown from both sides. Take care to keep flame on low once the oil get hot , as on the high flame this will not cook well and also the good taste of coriander from this will vanish.
Place it on a brown paper after removing from oil, to absorb excess of oil from it.
Serve to kids any time they are starved. I completed the whole dish in a single day : )) .
Now this goes straight to dear Trupti for her theme –Little chefs in Kitchen , Hope this will be appropriate for kids friendly recipe category : ) .

Thank you Trupti for a nice theme , I am glad I am able to participate in this.


Coffee said...

That looks cute!!!!!! Corriander is a nice twist!!!! :)

Pooja said...

hi Coffee,
it was and is a regualar snack at my mom's place even today , specially in winterdays when we have good corianders available around . :)
thanks for your words , you are so promt to post a comment, I am happy to see you here again.

TS said...

This is great Pooja! Both Sahil and Siddh would hug you for this!

Thanks my dear, this is a wonderful entry!


swapna said...

hi pooja
lovely dish.nice entry.