Friday, April 11, 2008

Entry for RCI-Bengal And VoW Bitter Gourd.

This blogging things are really funny sometimes . Not funny as we cook and publish something , the funny things happens even before we start cooking . With lovely blog events going on around & searching appropriate recipe to be a part of that is little amusing for me lately :D .
I tried searching for some Bengali recipe until I get very convincing recipe that made me feel sure that it’s a sure shot Bengali not any modified version when I check the header part of that post I found that it is of Sandeepa herself ( For whose event I was searching for that recipe :D ) :O.

And recently when I tried to see if something very different than usual I can find to cook with bitter gourd the results I got was even more funny than previous case. As what I see those were the posts of food bloggers participating in VoW-bittergourd . I literally had fun seeing this and I laughed out loud alone in home , and that was another height of fun for me and afterwards feeling that I was laughing alone in the home that time it sounded even more funny to me….…
Well , that day I did really a nice favor to Google by browsing for almost 1 hour more with different search keywords to just see who is listed where :O .
Someday if you are getting bored looking at just the programming screen with green and orange colors of errors and keywords of programming language , try it to entertain yourself . Fun guaranteed 100 % , ha ha ha.

Just Imagine , that you are searching for some recipe with little perfection and up to your liking , you are trying to search it on Google first, then may be on blogsearch of google and then may be by images and finally you are landing on your own blog post which you posted far ago :O . I mean what more funny than this can be ,he he he .
But a serious thought about it that it is really a good thing that we have achieved a milestone for something at least where we are famous in virtual cooking world for our recipes. Isn’t it feels satisfactory?
I believe all food bloggers would like this. So funny and yet satisfactory what else one want from life… life is all about having fun in the things we do and feel immensely satisfied by our hard work and achievements , isn’t it ? Then you all buddies around be happy coz your life is having this good quality and no matter how new blogger you are you can achieve this one day . Slow and steady always wins : )

Now without taking much time here is the Dal with Bitter gourd , as they call it Tetor Dal in Bengal region of India. I have adapted the recipe from Sandeepa’s blog. With little modifications here is my recipe to it. Easy to make and not bitter at all.So if you don't love bitter gourd it would be a good recipe to include in your menu to get benefits of eating bitter gourd.

Tetor Dal Ingredients:
1 cup Mung Dal (Split green gram without skin) .
1 cup chopped bottle gourd
½ cup chopped bitter gourd.
1 tsp mustard seeds ,
1 tsp ginger paste,
1 tsp Ghee,
Pinch of asafoetida ,
½ tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp cooking oil.

Method :
Cook Mung dal until it is soft and mushy. Keep it aside , roughly shred and cut bitter gourd in to medium cube like pieces and peel and cut bottle gourd in long pieces. Check out Sandeepa’s post for the way it should be cut in for this dish mostly.
In a Kadhai or non stick pan take oil and fry the bitter gourd pieces till they are slightly crispy. Remove it and in the same oil add mustard seeds and asafoetida powder then add bottle gourd pieces along with ginger paste. Cook it for a while, it will not take much for bottle gourd to get half cooked . Then Add turmeric powder and mashed boiled moong dal too it. Along with 2-3 cups of water . Let this cook on medium heat till it gets little thick consistency and mix thoroughly. Next add fried bitter gourd to it and cook for another 2-3 mins. Finally add 1 tsp of ghee to it mix well and turn off the heat . Adding ghee to it gives it a nice fragrance, and it’s the traditional way to cook it with ghee only. I have just changed it to suit my taste.
This dal turn out to be not bitter at all ( I guess it's due to ghee added in it was tasting heavenly very good), just slight bitterness you will feel when you really get the bitter gourd piece to eat. As this was my first attempt with it, I cooked it along with aloo-bhindi to serve with roti and rice . Next time onwards I don’t think that I will need to prepare any other veg main course dish to make my meal perfect. Both of us really liked it. Goes well with rice or roti too.
This goes to as my entry to RCI-Bengal as well as to VoW-Bittergourd too : ) .

My other bitter gourd post is on its way to appear soon , Stay tuned to both the blogs as I have each day full with posts now. You have still 5 full days left to send your entries for RCI-Bengal , Dosa mela & VoW-Bitter gourd .

Also our ever enthusiastic Jai and Bee are hosting WHB this week , you can send in your entry by Sunday 3 p.m. to them . So keep on sharing your love by cooking to all of us :) .

And if you haven't checked it yet, Check out my Mystery masala of Arusuvai here .


Cham said...

The yellow is so vibrant and nice entry , i think u could have send it to livestrong event too :)Nice Bengal dish.

Dhivya said...

great 2 in 1 entry pooja:)))love the pictures

Uma said...

wow, a combo of moongdal and bittergourd? Never heard of it. Must have tasted great. your picture tells me that. Wonderful entry.

Trupti said...

Hey Pooja, Nice Recipe & healthy too

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Pooja for your entry. Also try roasting the moong dal before boiling next time, gives it a nice flavor. i also cut down on Gheea lot while cooking, it sure gives a nice flavor

BTW have you tried to look at "keyword search" in your analytics or sitemeter page. It is so funny to see the "keyword" searches that led people to my blog

Lavi said...

pooja i was thinking to send you a dish with both bottle and bitter gourds.. glad to see this from you.

NIce idea of using Moong dal

Srivalli said...

pooja..thats one lovely looking picture...great entry for both the events!

Arundathi said...

i'm that person who doesnt like bitter gourd. am gonna try this too!

Pavani said...

Nice tried bittergourd and dal.. Sounds very interesting.. will have to try this one. Thanks for the recipe. Have a happy Sunday.

Bhawana said...

I literally hate bittergourds... Since wanted to send you a recipe for your event so was thinking to cook from a long time. Than you posted ur recipe bittergourd with moong dal.. I thought let me try that first than will think. I must say I loved ur recipe...mmmmmmmm tasty... very nice :).

Gattina said...

Pooja, I am imagining your smiling face in front of pc for that hour :)
My dad made clear soup from bitter gourd, I'd beg him for bitter-er gourd, just love that distintive, one of the kind flavor! If I go back to Asia, I will ask him to make your version as well, I know I'd love it!
Last thing, I'm going to head off to New Jersey to visit my in-laws tomorrow ... thinking of contacting you for a possibly meet-up, but I will stay in the down south of Jersey, really far from NY... anyway, will come back to catch up you Vow round-up :D

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

A nice and healthy dal with bitter gourd.. Will give it a try soon !!


Pooja said...

didn't they asked us to wear that live strong yellow band while cooking it and putting a pic with that when we participate with "Livestrong Day " ? .
Well I am gonna participate along with that rule followed , so one more yellow dish you will see here :P.

thank you buddy :) .

Its a bengali dal .they cook it this way. bengali cuisines. having many dishes to cook with Bitter gourds .This one tastes yummy :)

I am glad that you liked this :) .

I actually forgot to roast it first :P. so had to cook it that way . next time I will try roasting it first . I came to know that tetor dal uses bitter gourd and then I search with keyword "tetor dal" in Google and reached you straight. check out in Google.

i would love to see how you use both of them together.

glad you liked the pic :) . that really a encouraging for me.

sure ,do let me know if you try it.Bitter gourd has many benefits to eat it.

Glad that you liked it :).

good :). I just saw that you are now participating with more and more blog events, thats really good , huh . keep the good work going on .

Meera said...

Wonderful recipe with bittergourd. I am going to try soon.

I finally found the frsh bittergourds & made 2 dishes. Have sent you the entries. hope you have received them!

Saswati said...

awesome recipe for both the events know what the samr thing happened to me when i was searching for recipes:)

Rama said...

Nice recipe and nice pictures........

Pooja said...

someday i would love to see you clear soup recipe of bitter gourd. Do share it if you get a chance.
oh.. you are visiting NJ. Will write to you soon about that on email.

do let me know if you try it.

Glad that you got them ,as it introduced me to 2 nice recipes to cook Bg with :) .

share your searching fun exp sometime that would be nice to read :D.

thanks buddy :) .

Madhavi said...

Great recipe and great snaps as well:))

Anonymous said...

Nice recipe. After knowing the health benefits of Bitter gourd i have starting loving it. Bitter gourd is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and c and contains minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iron, copper and potassium.