Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MBP-One pot wonders & click entry

Ever since I saw it on Trupti's blog I liked that idea very much , I made it once and now just like Aloo-Poha this another tasty version is a regular dish in my meals. I love it for its tastes and lovely yellow color :) . When I come to know about MBP theme of this month I knew what I am going to send to Pavani :) .

Here is the original recipe of Trupti's Corn Poha.

I just skipped peanuts in it this time to make a little lighter version of it. . I had this with a glass full of fresh buttermilk :) .Finally I started enjoying spring :D.

This lovely yellowish dish goes to Pavani for her MBP-One pot wonders this month. Thank you for choosing such nice theme Pavani. Eager to see the roundup . One pot meals saves a lot much time in kitchen ;) .

Finally the picture -3 goes to click- Au Naturel .
Thank you all who helped me to resolve my confusion .

This is a picture of Yam & Tomato (Suran aur Tamatar) Salad. You can check out the recipe here.

for next month is going to tie up with JFI for the month of May - which I am going to host. Will announce the choice for that on the 3rd of May . This month JFI is hosted by loving Jigyasa and Pratibha for which the theme is Jhiva for Love. Don't miss participating that. Keep rocking with your cooking. Meanwhile I sincerely hope to publish my due posts for Arusuai Ingrdients :) .

-Today is the last day to vote for VoW-bittergourd entries. Drop in your vote for the entries you like so that we can choose a deserving dish for each category :)


Dhivya said...

great entry and nice click too:))

Divya Vikram said...

Nice choice for the click and nice entry for MBP too pooja..Love ur aloo-poha

Medhaa said...

nice one Pooja, love the poha never would I think of it. should try this

Siri said...

the poha looks yumm pooja and nice entry for CLICK!!!


Bhawana said...

Looking very tasty Pooja. I will try this soon :). That click foto is also good one...

DK said...

wonderful entries Pooja! I loves your click! Its awesome!

SMN said...

thats nice entries for click and one pot pooja

Pooja said...

thank you :) . its nice to see you in pic now:)
that's the yummiest pohha i ever had. try it you will like it.
Thanks buddy . click entry was really a confusion for me initially . You all helped me out for that :) thank for that too.
do let me know how you like it :) , Glad to see that you are now participating with blog events. thats good. that's the way to come in contact with others bloggers.
dhivya, DK, Smn
thank you buddy :) .

Since last few weeks I have been little occupied and each week comes with some new challenge to meet up with . I appreciate you all for dropping by and leaving your response to the posts here even though I have not been free enough to visit you all or some of you even. Thanks a lot for that:) . I will try to catch up with you all soon. Till then stay tuned and have a great time ahead...

Cham said...

Beautiful poha Pooja! Great entry to click too :)

Sandeepa said...

I like poha with aloo too, never tried with corn. Great entry

TS said...

A poha ekdam saras lagey nahi??? Maney paan bahuuj gamey che.....nice entry..!! Tari comment joine bahu anand thayo. :)


Archy said...

Nice click Pooja..
Shall try this Poha !!