Monday, March 31, 2008

Its all about how I started loving Pears :)

I admit I am not a big fan of pears but I love to include all fresh fruits in my meal or daily diets. There is no best reason than ongoing food blog events to practice that :) .

Specially when the choice is such good and healthy too. Charming lady Raaga is hosting AFAM this month with the nice choice of lovley pears. Pears - many people like it for its tastes , some for its texture and juiciness and many others love it all reasons :p .
And I always wonder why others like it so much :O , so when it comes to eat some fresh Pears I see this chart of its nutrient value and prepare my mind to love it so that I can happily eat it :D. Till now I never tried anything with Pears :x , I normally eat it as it is. And I believed that fruits are to eat as it is , anything more I ever do with any fruit then it is to make some Smoothies/Juices from it. My cooking experiments with fruits are really limited , this time for a little change I think to give this Pears Salsa recipe a try . And I am glad that I tried it. Trying a recipe is like searching for a Gem , if you will try you can get one some day.

Here is the recipe :

2 cups chopped pears(any variety )
1 cup chopped tomatoes (any variety )
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 tsp lime juice
1/4 cup chopped coriander
salt & pepper to taste .

Wash and cut pears into cubes. In a bowl take all other ingredients mix in pear cubes with that. Sprinkle lime juice over it and serve fresh. It was tasting better than I expected . Sweet pears , tangy cherry tomatoes , onion and lime juice all together creates a wonderful taste to this salsa as if all tasty things packed together in each spoon . It goes along together with anything as side dish , I had this as salad dish though , on side with my regular meal. I was not sure how it will do so I mixed a small amount of it together and kept the rest of it as it is , as this dish was new to hubby too , I left it to him if he wants to have it as Salsa or just a raw salad. And my final verdict is it was tasting much better as salsa than raw Pears salad.

This dish really made me like Pears now a little bit more :z . Thank you Raaga , this credit goes to you :k. If you haven't chosen Pears then I might not have discovered this dish ever . If not anything more with pears then at least I am sure I gonna make this dish many times again now.
If you are someone like me , then you still have one more day to discover your Magic dish with pears , make something and send to her soon .The last date is 1st April , it is not April fool :r .

This also goes to Abby for her MM-Spring fruit sensations.


sra said...

Hmm ... I'd like to try this one!

Cham said...

I love ur salsa with fruits :)

Hima said...

Sounds interesting.

Uma said...

A new concept, Pooja! Great idea. Yummy!

Divya Vikram said...

That was a great way to use the pears Pooja..Healthy too..Nice entry

Richa said...

liked ur peary' break
those emoticons r cute!

Dhivya said...

wow!love these

LG said...

I also believe that fruits are to be eaten as such..and searching for a recipe is like searching for a gem..Fruit salsa looks gr8, will try it when I get some pears this time. THose cute little smileys are damn good, esp the one which is dancing..

Raaga said...

Can I thank you enough :-) thank you so much Pooja for a lovely entry

Saswati said...

hi pooja the recipe is interesting and innovative:)

Pooja said...

Sra , cham , hima, uma,Divya, Dhivya & Saswati ,
Thank you girls, Its really simple if you want to try , Mixing all together give it a new taste almost, try it if you like pears you will love this . and if you dont like it , it will make you start your liking towards it :) .

Richa & lg ,
I love these cute cute smilies too :D , it took much time to know how to include it but its worth that time spend on with your lovely comments :).

Its my turn to say thanks dear, you are the person who made me like Pears now :) . Hugs to you .

abby said...

what a great idea - thanks for sharing this with the monthly mingle pooja.

mitr_bayarea said...


first time visitor here....I am not a fan of pears, but, your presentation of pears looked so enticing, maybe this will get me started.

Mythily said...


Pooja said...

I always loved to be a part of Monthly Mingle.Hope you liked this :) .

Same pinch, Neither do I liked it much , but pears salsa was really an exception to that. Try it you might like it.

Thanks :).

Meeta K said...

This really does sound interesting Pooja! Nice entry!